DogHouse Doggie Day Care (DHDDC)

Client Agreement
Dogs may, without warning, bite or cause injury to humans and other dogs. I acknowledge and understand that there are certain risks involved in participating in daycare, including but not limited to dog fights, dog bites to humans or other dogs, and the transmission of disease. I acknowledge that every dog reacts differently and that animals, by nature, are unpredictable.

Please read and initial each statement below:
___ I understand that by admitting my dog(s) to DHDDC, I am granting permission for my dog(s) to co-mingle and socialize with other dogs.

___ I understand that dogs unfamiliar with DHDDC may, at first, experience separation anxiety.

___ I understand that higher levels of activity than dogs are used to, may result in sore muscles, sore joints or fatigue and that high levels of outdoor or high energy play may result in sore paws, blisters, bruises or abrasions on the feet.

___ I understand that in admitting my dog(s) into DHDDC, DHDDC has relied on my representation that my dog(s) has/have not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior toward any person or other dog.

___ I certify that my dog(s) is/are in good health and has/have not been ill with any communicable disease within the last 30 days.

I agree to pay for all service due at the time rendered. I understand any unpaid fees by me will be sent to collections and I will be responsible for all collections and legal fees incurred by such actions taken.

___ I understand DHDDC staff give all pets involved in any type of incident a cursory examination; however, DHDDC is not liable for the location, treatment, or diagnosis of any injuries incurred on DHDDC premises.

___ I have read and understand the DHDDC "Rules and Regulations."

I, _____________________________ grant DHDDC and/or its selected agents full power of decision concerning the care and well being of my dog(s). I understand that DHDDC will make every effort to contact me; however, should any medical emergency arise and I am unreachable, it is agreed that DHDDC or its selected agents can and will make any needed decision concerning medical treatment and choice of caregiver up to $_______. My signature below authorized the use of my credit card of said purpose.

I, _____________________________ hereby hold harmless DOGHOUSE DOGGIE DAY CARE, their successors and assigns, from and against any all claims, causes of action, demands, losses, costs, damages, and expenses (including without limitations, expenses of litigation, court costs, and attorney's fees) in any way arising from or connected with liabilities arising in any manner therefrom.

With my signature, I accept exclusive and sole responsibility for these and all other risks and release DHDDC of all liability, no matter the cause.

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