Benefits of Doggie Daycare

K-9s like hanging out with each other and will make friends

Doggie boredom and loneliness at home will DEFINITLEY not be a problem

Chewed furniture, destroyed shoes, obsessive self licking and/or gnawing can all be symptoms of lack of activity and mental stimulation. There's plenty of both here!

There are certain behaviors dogs consider okay and some which are out of the question. Sniffing each other is fine but playing too rough is not. Your pup will learn which is which.

Too tired at the end of a long day to take the dog for the extended walk he seems to need? Well, we feel certain that your friend will be pretty tired after a day of play at the Dog House.

Family or friends coming to visit who don't like K-9s or are allergic to them? We're the perfect solution!

Whether you're vacationing in Asheville or vacationing from Asheville and want a neat place for your pup to have a great time of her own, you'll find our boarding services are not the same 'ole thing. Come check us out to see how we are different.

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